Covermark® was the first and only makeup foundation to receive a patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
In effect, Covermark® with this patent undoubtedly pioneered the technology for makeup foundations that is today considered one of the mainstream formulations for every single cosmetics establishment and brand name, next to lipstick and nail polish formulas.

Moreover, this original Covermark® invention instituted the birth of the "cosmeceutical" field, since an invention is not patentable in the U.S. if it is defined simply as "an application to the skin which increases its beauty". However, following a revealing demonstration by its inventor, Ms.Lydia O’Leary, concealing her own birthmark using Covermark®, astonished a panel of federal appellate judges leading to the Court ruling that Covermark® went well beyond the ‘cosmetic’ definition by its dramatic effect, thus granting it the original and only patent ever given to a makeup foundation.

It began more than sixty years ago by Ms. Lydia O’Leary, a university graduate – an unusual accomplishment in it own right at that time – who was suffering by a seemingly disfiguring facial birthmark. Lydia O’Leary was discriminated further by her flaming "port wine stain" that spread through her face from chin to forehead. Her knowledge in chemistry and painting, her determination and intellect led her to develop the original Covermark® formulation. The transformation she felt was followed by achievements and the desire to help others benefit from her invention. Encouraged by dermatologists counseling their patients to visit her for solutions, Lydia O’Leary set about marketing her concealment makeup, standing in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for a patent. The makeup foundation business was born, along with Covermark®.

Today, more than sixty years along the way, Covermark® still stands as the world leader in cosmetic camouflage, being present in as many national and local markets as ever. Covermark® products comprise a comprehensive, dermatologically- and clinically-conscious skin concealment line, constantly incorporating state-of-the-art ingredients and technological innovations.

The values on which Lydia O’Leary developed and founded Covermark® though, still stand intact: to care and comfort about all skin conditions by developing concealing makeup and cosmeceutical products for anyone that needs to transform….the Covermark Way!

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